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MODUSCOMPLETE has a lab planning team with professional training in all specialties related to the laboratory environment to carry out your projects. We provide support in conceiving layouts that adapt to our users’ current and future needs. We also highlight our partnerships with companies specializing in architecture, consulting, and engineering aimed at the health field and the pharmaceutical industry.


& Coordination

From the first planning idea until its implementation you can always count on MODUSCOMPLETE. Our services encompass all specialties from planning to execution with a correct and secure selection of materials.

We also offer technical oversight of “Turnkey” plans/projects, guaranteeing our customers the agreed timelines and efficient control of costs. We further ensure the capacity of “Turnkey” Project Management.

Areas of activity

  • HVAC
  • Exhaust
  • Clean Room Panels
  • Dividers
  • Ceilings
  • Floors
  • Painting
  • Water, Special Water, and Sewer Systems
  • Electrical, Voice, and Data Networks
  • Special Gas Systems
  • Firefighting Safety Systems, etc.


and Equipment

At MODUSCOMPLETE we offer customized solutions with high quality, high tech materials, innovation, maximum operational safety, ergonomic design, and efficient service. This is, without a doubt, the foundation of your future lab.

Lab furniture is designed to offer increased flexibility through modules that are easily adapted to different lab layouts.

We are also the exclusive and official representatives in Portugal for the brand WALDNER Laboreinrichtungen GmbH & Co. KG, which brings unparalleled solutions to the domestic market for the robustness and quality of the level of lab furnishings. Among other products of note, we install certified hoods for all available applications.


At the end of construction on each project, and whenever requested, we validate and certify the space according to the standards indicated for it. To this end, we work in partnership with a company certified by the Portuguese Accreditation Institute (IPAC). In the pharmaceutical market we validate facilities for the production of solids, semisolids, or liquids.

researching laboratory samples


We conduct maintenance in order to assure the longevity and efficiency of the lab space. That is the only way to guarantee user safety and equipment conservation.

Our interventions are conducted at the level of:

– Furniture

– HVAC systems

– Electrical grids

– Fume hoods / Fume cupboards / Laminar Flow Chambers / Special Ventilated Cabinets (measurements made by a company accredited by IPAC when requested)

– Clean rooms