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Other Exhaust Equipment

Fume cupboards

Fume cupboards for exhausting are equipment that allow for extraction in a specific area.

Available in the following materials: Stainless Steel, Polypropylene, and Phenolic Resin.

Articulated Arms

Articulated Arm for local extraction: an ideal extractor for lab environments

This type of equipment is indispensable for more localized extractions, for small lab work that involves the release of gases or dusts.

With a unique design, the articulated local extraction arm has a very small load loss, with many benefits, namely:

  • Energy savings
  • Lower noise levels
  • Lower risk of harmful ventilation noise
  • Low load loss without having to use a larger sized system
  • Easy to combine with other extractors in the same ventilation system

Service modules

Furniture plays an important role in the lab ecosystem. Our range of lab furniture is defined by flexibility, mobility, and ergonomic design to satisfy labs’ future needs.

Safety Cabinets

Safety is one of our priorities and therefore we rely on a range of cabinets appropriate for laboratories. Intended to store chemical or reagent products, our cabinets are the right choice for any lab.

Washer modules

The resulting separation of the supply of services and furniture creates flexibility in the lab. In our new SCALA lab furniture system, the lab benches play a very important role.

All the varieties of our benches can be selected with various materials for the top, allowing for a large number of possible applications in any lab.